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Award Winning Kansas City Signature Seasoning

Greedyman's Award Winning KC Signature Seasonings is the seasoning you never knew you loved until you tasted it! Looking for a savory seasoning to turn your plain chicken, beef, pork or turkey into a delicious family favorite meal? Greedyman's Award Winning K.C. Signature Seasoning is your go to seasoning! Simply season your meat before cooking or toss your wings in Greedyman's KC Seasoning and instantly you have a whole new delicious meal your family will love!

Use Greedyman's Award Winning K.C. Signature Seasoning as a marinade or sprinkle it on your favorite foods!

Award Winning Kansas City Signature Seasoning

$6.00 Regular Price
$4.00Sale Price
  • 7 oz Seasoning, plastic container

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